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Van Canto - Break the Silence 2011


Van Canto
Álbum: Break the Silence
Año: 2011
Género:  Power A Cappella
País: Alemania

Inga Scharf - Lead vocals
Sly - Vocals (lead)
Ingo Sterzinger - Doom a bass
Ross Thompson - Higher rakkatakka vocals
Stefan Schmidt - Lower rakka-takka vocals, wahwah solo guitars
Bastian Emig - Drums

Página Oficial

1.If I Die in Battle           
2.Dangers in My Head          
3.Bed of Nails (Alice Cooper cover)           
4.The Seller of Souls           
5.Black Wings of Hate          
6.Neuer Wind          
7.Spelled in Waters          
8.Primo Victoria (Sabaton cover)    
9.The Higher Flight          
10.Master of the Wind (Manowar cover)
11.Betrayed (Bonus Track)
12.Bad to the Bone (Running Wild cover)(Bonus Track)
13.A Storm to Come (Bonus Track)



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