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Melted Space - From the Past 2012

Melted Space
Disc: From the Past
Year: 2012
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: France

Anaé - Vocals(Guest)
Liesbeth Cordia - Vocals(Guest)
Virginie Gonçalvès - Vocals(Guest)
Talena Smith - Vocals(Guest)
Arnaud Strobl - Vocals(Guest)
Dagoth - Vocals(Guest)
Mick - Vocals(Guest)
Sire Cédric - Vocals(Guest)
Bastich - Vocals(Guest)
Pierrick Valence - Vocals(Guest)
Maxime Galatry - Vocals(Guest)
Guillaume Martinot - Vocals(Guest)
Pierre Leone - Vocals(Guest)
Manuel Munoz - Vocals(Guest)
Pierre Le Pape - Keyboards
Gaël Barthélemy - Drums(Guest)
Adrien Grousset - Guitars(Guest)
Brice Guillon - Bass(Guest)



1.Lost Village         
2.When I Was Lost         
3.Brother and Sister         
4.Damned Lovers         
5.A Favored Existence         
6.The Gods Are Living         
7.Spirit of Love         
8.I'll Release the Dead         
9.All Together         
10.Listen to Your King         
11.We Are Gods of Ancient Times         
12.Solar Eclipse         
13.This Immortal Love         
14.The Bringer of Light Act I: Misereatur         
15.The Bringer of Light Act II: Now and Always         
16.The Bringer of Light Act III: War for the World     
17.The Bringer of Light Act IV: Sanctus         
18.Dante's Memory

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