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REUPLOAD! Mayan - Quaterpast
ALBUN: Quaterpast
AÑO: 2011
GENERO: Symphonic Metal
PAIS: Netherlands

Ariën Van Weesenbeek Drums, Vocals
Isaac Delahaye Guitars
Frank Schiphorst Guitars
Jack Driessen Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Jansen Vocals
Simone Simons - Vocals
Floor Jansen - Vocals
Laura macri - Vocals
1.Symphony Of Aggression
2.Mainstay Of Society (In the Eyes of the Law: Corruption)
4.Course Of Life
5.The Savage Massacre (In the Eyes of Law: Pizzo)
6.Essenza Di Te
7.Bite The Bullet
8.Drown The Demon
9.Celibate Aphrodite
10.War On Terror (In the Eyes of the Law: Pentagon Papers)
12.Sinner's Last Retreat (Deed Of Awakening) (Bonus Track)
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