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Glass Hammer - Perilous 2012

Glass Hammer
Disc: Perilous
Year: 2012
Genre: Progressive rock
Country: Usa

Amber Fults - Lead vocals (Guest)
Jon Davison – Lead vocals
Fred Schendel – Keyboards, steel guitar, backing vocals
Steve Babb – Bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Alan Shikoh – Electric and acoustic guitars, sitar
Rebecca James – Violin
Susan Whitacre – Viola
Rachel Hackenberger – Cello



1.The Sunset Gate
2.Beyond They Dwell
3.The Restless Ones
4.They Cast Their Spell
5.We Slept, we Dreamed
6. The Years were Sped
7.Our Foe Revealed
8.Toward Home we Fled
9.As the Sun Dipped Low
10.The Wolf Gave Chase
11.We Fell at Last
12.In that Lonely Place
13.Where Sorrows Died and Came No More

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