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Ayreon - The Human Equation 2004

Disc: The Human Equation
Year: 2004
Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock
Country: Netherlands

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Ed Warby - Drums
Marcela Bovio - Vocals as "Wife"
Irene Jansen - Vocals as "Passion"
Heather Findlay - Vocals as "Love"
Yvette Boertje - Voice ("The Hospital Voice")
Mikael Åkerfeldt - Vocals as "Fear"
Mike Baker - Vocals as "Father"
Eric Clayton - Vocals as "Reason"
Magnus Ekwall - Vocals as "Pride"
Devon Graves - Vocals as "Agony"
James LaBrie - Vocals as "Me"
Devin Townsend - Vocals as "Rage"
Meri Pitkänen - Voice ("The Sexy Cough")
Peter Daltrey - Voice ("Forever)
Ken Hensley - Hammond
Martin Orford - Keyboards
Joost van den Broek - Keyboards
Oliver Wakeman - Keyboards
Robert Baba - Violin
Jeroen Goossens - Flute (alto, bass), Panpipes, Recorder (treble, descant), Didgeridoo, Bassoon
Marieke van der Heyden - Cello
John McManus - Flute, Whistle


1.Day One: Vigil    
2.Day Two: Isolation    
3.Day Three: Pain    
4.Day Four: Mystery    
5.Day Five: Voices    
6.Day Six: Childhood    
7.Day Seven: Hope    
8.Day Eight: School    
9.Day Nine: Playground    
10.Day Ten: Memories    
11.Day Eleven: Love    
12.Day Twelve: Trauma    
13.Day Thirteen: Sign    
14.Day Fourteen: Pride    
15.Day Fifteen: Betrayal    
16.Day Sixteen: Loser    
17.Day Seventeen: Accident?    
18.Day Eighteen: Realization    
19.Day Nineteen: Disclosure    
20.Day Twenty: Confrontation

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