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Van Canto - Tribe of Force 2010

Van Canto
Disc: Tribe of Force
Year: 2010
Género: Power A Cappella
Country: Germany

Inga Scharf - Vocals (female)
Sly - Vocals
Bastian Emig - Drums and percussion, Vocals (backing)
Ingo Sterzinger - Doom a bass, Vocals (backing)
Ross Thompson - Higher rakkatakka guitars
Stefan Schmidt - Lead and lower rakkatakka guitars, Vocals (backing)


1.Lost Forever    
2.To Sing a Metal Song    
3.One to Ten (feat. Victor Smolski)    
4.I Am Human    
5.My Voice    
6.Rebellion (Grave Digger Cover - feat. Chris Boltendahl)      
7.Last Night of the Kings    
8.The Tribe of Force    
9.Water Fire Heaven Earth    
10.Master of Puppets (Metallica cover)    
11.Magic Taborea    
12.Hearted (feat. Tony Kakko)    
13.Frodo's Dream

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