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Project Creation - Dawn on Pyther 2007

Project Creation
Disc: Dawn on Pyther
Year: 2007
Género: Progressive Rock/Metal
Country: Portugal

Alda Reis - Vocals (Guest)
Zara Quiroga - Vocals (lead)(Guest)
Hugo Flores - Vocals, Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Synthesizer, Sitar 
Paulo Pacheco - Vocals (lead)(Guest)
Tiago "Linx" - Vocals (lead)(Guest)
Paulo Chagas - Saxophone, Flute (Guest)
Fred Lessing - Percussion, Baroque recorders, Guitars, Angklung, Chimes, Flute, Bells (Guest)
Shawn Gordon - Keyboards (Guest)
Vasco Patrício (ptRocker) - Guitars (Guest)
Davis Raborn - Drums (Guest)


1.The Dawn on Pyther    
2.Flying Thoughts    
3.I Am (The Restless One)    
4.Dragonfly Garden
5.The Voice of Cheops    
7.Sons of the Stars    
8.Growing Feeling    
9.Voyage of the Dragonfly; Part I - Seeking the Unknown; Part II - Visions of a Past Future; Part III - Sardax - The Ocean’s Flying Freckles   10.The Dusk on Pyther

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